Areola Tattooing

Laura Manson is proud to offer Areola and Nipple tattooing.  This specialized area of tattooing is provided to those who have undergone breast surgery and reconstruction, often after mastectomy surgery.  

To help these patients regain a good feeling in their body, reconstructive surgeons are turning to artists and deciding to specialize in the recreation of the areola. They provide 3D nipple tattoos, which use shadows and highlights to create texture, instead of using tissue to rebuild a nipple. This technique restores a sense of depth and detail to the reconstructed breast.

Many plastic surgeons offices that provide the services of breast reconstruction also provide a nurse or esthetician to tattoo nipples/areolas after the reconstruction. But often, the lack of training in tattoo techniques may leave you as the patient unhappy with the results. Currently, many physicians have chosen to send the patient to an artist who specializes specially in this art of tattooing.

3-D and 4-D Areolas

A nipple and areola tattoo can be done after breast and nipple reconstruction surgery. The tattoo will help recreate your nipple and areola and complete your breast reconstruction.

If you have a nipple reconstruction procedure (a procedure to rebuild and raise your nipple), you’ll have a raised nipple and the tattoo will give color to the reconstruction, we call this 4-D.

If you don’t have a nipple reconstruction procedure, the nipple will be flat, like a normal tattoo, but will look like a natural nipple, we call this 3-D.


The Tattoo Procedure

The #1 question I get asked is "will this be painful?"

While getting any tattoo involves some level of discomfort, my top priority is making this a positive experience and as comfortable as possible for my clients.  

Rest assured this process will be a pleasant experience and I'm honored to be apart of this final step of this very long journey for many of my clients.