Tattoo & Microblading Removal

Do you have an old tattoo you regret?  Did your microblade procedure not turn out how you expected?  Maybe you have old, faded permanent makeup and you'd like to get it removed or lightened enough for a coverup?

Never fear!  Your ink or pigment can be removed!






The main difference between laser and CRC tattoo removal is that with laser, the specific color of the ink is targeted, and the pigment is absorbed into the body.  CRC TATTOO REMOVER uses a biochemical system that has a gradual destructive effect on the ink/pigment.  CRC removal is also color-agnostic, which means it will work on ink or pigment, regardless of color.  This includes white and light-colored pigments comprised mostly of titanium dioxide, which often are unsuccessfully removed by laser.  
The most advantageous benefits that sets CRC apart from the other methods include 

the extremely superficial application (pain-free!), there's no risk of scarring, and makeup 

can be applied to the treatment area within hours after treatment!






For emergency removal, I use a specialized, all-natural saline solution called Li-FT that's formulated

with purified water, finely milled sea salt, lemon seed extract, orange seed extract, and aloe.  

Implanting the solution into the skin breaks up the healed pigment, and begins to immediately lift the pigment out of the skin by the process of osmosis.  The pigment is pulled to the surface of the skin, and heals into a scab.  When the scab falls off, the pigment falls off with it, leaving your tattoo lighter (or fully removed).  Depending on deeply into the skin your tattoo was applied, and how saturated and dark your tattoo is will depend on how many saline removal sessions are needed to completely remove the ink, or lighten it enough for a cover-up to be done.

Emergency removal is available for microblading or small tattooed areas within 48 hours of the procedure.  Once the 48 hour deadline has passed, you must wait until the healing process is completed before removal can be started.


Emergency Removal:  Starting at $250

Additional Sessions: $100


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